Here for you and your four legged friends


Heritage Pet Services

Based in Old Hill meaning that we have Clent, The Leasowes, Haden Hill and many canal-side walks right on our doorstep.


Having had small animals as pets throughout my childhood, I was finally able to get my own dog, Waffle, in 2017. Prior to Waffle, I used the website Borrow My Doggy and time with family pets as the next best thing!

I spent the last ten years working in unfulfilling office jobs, and realised how happy spending my free time looking after Waffle and pets of family, friends and neighbours made me, so I made the decision to start Heritage Pet Services.


A blue merle Border Collie, Waffle loves people and dogs equally. He greets every visitor (human and canine!) with a sloppy kiss and is yet to meet someone he doesn’t like. A typical Collie, Waffle loves nothing more than chasing someone or being chased - although his hip dysplasia limits the amount he can. However, he has found lots of other ways to entertain himself , including pestering his best friend Sherlock Bones!


What you can expect from Heritage Pet Services

Tailored Service - We will work around you and your needs, whether it’s early morning walks, late in the day drop-ins or last minute daycare, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Any weather - No matter the weather, our services will be available.

Certifications - Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Certification, Pet Communication, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course, Canine First Aid and Pet First Aid with CPR. All certificates can be seen upon request.

Criminal Records Check - this is done annually to provide owners with peace of mind. Check is clean and certificate can be seen upon request.

Insurance - Pet Business Insurance that covers all facets of the business, including the Pet Taxi.

NARPS Membership - Gold membership with the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. You can find our profile here.

Discounts - Customers making block-bookings, advance payments or those with multiple pets can take advantage of discounts.