Frequently Asked Questions


Will you visit my [insert animal here]?

We conduct home visits with all household pets. Where specialist knowledge is required for the animal in question, we will look into this and let you know if we feel we can provide the service needed.

What dogs will you work with?

We work with dogs of any size, breed or age. We look to provide services for all personalities too! Private walks, or walks with the same breed etc, are arranged where possible for anxious dogs. If your dog has issues with certain breeds, we will accommodate them wherever possible. If you know your dog has aggression issues, we will look to walk them alone or try socialisation with our own dogs.

what is a puppy walk?

A puppy walk is for those dogs who have not yet had all of their inoculations or been cleared to walk in public by their Veterinarian. Your puppy will be carried in a front facing puppy carrier, and taken on a walk with other dogs. This allows your puppy to be introduced to new sights, sounds and smells, ensuring that they will be acclimatised when it’s time for them to walk on their own paws!

are any discounts available?

Yes! How much discount you receive will depend on what you are booking, and how many sessions. Discounts are liable to change and may be withdrawn at any time. The current discount(s) available are listed below;

  • When paying £100+ upfront, 10% off

  • Advance bookings can earn up to 20% off

Can i use the animal taxi for [insert use here]?

The taxi can be used for any pet related need (within reason)! Think of it as a regular taxi, but we will allow you to bring your furry friends with you! Should you wish for someone to attend an appointment with you, rather than just dropping you off or waiting in the car, we can do this. We can also take your pets to their appointments when you cannot attend.

What kind of vehicle do you use?

Vauxhall Corsa 2016, 3-door, air conditioned. Seatbelts, a soft crate and secure boot seating are available for your dogs.

What areas do you cover?

Pick up and drop off services for walking and daycare, drop-in services and puppy care are currently available within Dudley, Sandwell and South Staffordshire council areas.


If you still have questions , please get in touch and we can hopefully answer them for you!