Services & Rates

A wide range of services starting from as little as £5.



£25 for 24 hours for one dog, £40 for 24 hours for two dogs — 

Your dog(s) will be allowed the full run of the house and large enclosed garden during their stay with us. They will have access to daycare and social walks whilst with us too. As dog owners ourselves, we are all too aware of how hard it is to leave your dog when you go on holiday. We are happy to send photos and videos throughout your pets stay to keep you up-to-date with how they are and what they’re doing.

A free-of-charge meet and greet is required before your pets first stay.

You can find a list of availability here, it is updated regularly.

+£5 surcharge for Bank Holiday stays, £5 for pick-up and drop-off



£6 for 30 minutes, £8 for 45 minutes or £10 for an hour — 

For dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes who enjoy the company of other dogs.
Walks will take place wherever is best for your dog at the time, this could be in the park, down a canal path or on the road. If they have a favourite place, we will do everything to factor this in.

+£2 for each additional dog being picked up from the same address

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£7.50 for 30 minutes, £10 for 45 minutes or £12.50 for an hour

For those dogs who prefer their own company or get anxious, or prefer sticking with their regular pack.

+£2.50 for each additional dog being picked up from the same address



Prices start at £15 for 8am to 7pm

Time for dogs to play and/or relax in comfortable and secure surroundings. Access to indoors and a large secure garden.
Good alternative to walks for older or injured dogs. They still get to socialise and exercise, but with no expectations of keeping up!

Owner drop off and pick up - £15 for one dog, £5 for each additional dog & bank holidays
Carer pick up and drop off - £17.50 for one dog, £5 for each additional dog & bank hoildays



Muddy dogs will have their paws cleaned following walks/daycare, but if you would like your dog to receive a full bath a charge of £5 will apply.

DROP-IN SERVICE (for any pets)

£5 for two visits per day to one pet — 

Drop-ins will cover any toileting or litter changes, feeds, water replenishment and medication needs - plus plenty of belly rubs, fuss and playtime!

+£2.50 for each additional visit required per day, and for each additional pet


PET TAXI (for any pets)

£5 per 30 minutes (30 min increments) — 

Helping you and your pets get places! If you need your pet taking to an appointment whilst you are at work etc, we will happily assist.

Mileage is inclusive for 15 miles round-trip from Heritage Pet Services, over 15 miles is chargeable at 40p per mile



£6 for two visits per day — 

Cleaning up mess, toileting needs, feeds, water replenishment and playtime. Puppy walks are also available - walking with your puppy in a carrier prior to their first walk.

+£2 for each additional visit required per
+£5 for a ‘puppy walk’

A variety of homemade dog treats are available for a small fee.

Discounts are available for block bookings and for those owners who choose to pick up and drop off their dogs.

Mileage: a round-trip of 15 miles from Heritage Pet Services is inclusive in the prices listed. Anything over this is charged at 40p per mile.

If there is something you are looking for that is not listed above, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.